Number 13 – 2012



Krzysztof Chudy, Magdalena
Bajor, Aneta Chudy
Chemical composition of surface water in upper part of Lesk stream
Anna Degórska, Tomasz Śnieżek Particulate matter composition at Puszcza Borecka station taking into account anthropogenic and natural emission sources influence
Krzysztof Jarzyna Thermal stress diversity during heat waves in the Kielecka Upland in the beginning of XXI century
Małgorzata Anna Jóźwiak Macroscopic changes of Hypogymnia Physodes (l.) Nyl.  in antropogenic stress conditions
Ewelina Kantowicz, Elżbieta Lonc Environmental protection studies from the perspective of two decades (1992–2012)
Rafał Kozłowski Influence of cement-lime industry on the physico-chemical properties of precipitation in a „Białe Zagłębie” region
Rafał Kozłowski, Krzysztof Jarzyna, Marek Jóźwiak, Mirosław Szwed  Influence of cement-lime industry on the physico-chemical and chemical  properties of snow cover in a „Białe Zagłębie” region in February 2012
Tomasz Lenard, Wojciech Ejankowski Frequency of sampling in lake trophy estimation based on TSI indices
Henryk Marszałek, Michał Rysiukiewicz The concept of water environment protection in the Karkonosze National Park
Zdzisław Prządka, Anna Degórska, Krzysztof Skotak The relationship between the concentrations of heavy metals and PM10 and meteorological parameters  in the Puszcza Borecka region in the years 2005-2011
Grażyna Szpikowska, Józef Szpikowski Physicochemical propertiesof beaver wetlands water  in the Kłuda valley